Yoga Zen - 10 Ml - 100% Natuurzuivere Etherische Olie

Yoga Zen Essential Oil 10ml | 100% Natuurzuivere

SKU: 5333.Yoga Zen - GF - 10 ml

Add to bath - Our natural essential oil blends are ideal for bath rituals, to relax after a long day. Add a few drops to your bath and travel to bliss.

Product Benefits:

  • 100% Natural Pure Essential Oil
  • Crafted for use in yoga sessions and other meditation exercises
  • Vaporise in the Living Room, Office or Bedroom
  • Ideal for relaxing after a long day
  • Scented and energy travels with you to your bed
Yoga Zen, our 100% naturally pure essential oil, takes you back to your inner core where you experience peace and tranquillity. This delightful fragrance contains oils of Lavendin, Patchouli, Peppermint, Frankincense, Green Mandarin and Ner oil. Add a few drops to your bath or create a soothing scent in your home with our Aroma Diffuser. Feel your new best friend, Zen, take you to a place of love, light and trust. Put aside your daily worries, listen to your intuition and experience maximum relaxation and peaceful stillness.