Yoga Relax - 10 Ml - 100% Natuurzuivere Etherische Olie

Yoga Relax Aromatherapy Oil 10ml - 100% Natural


Heat about 10 millilitres of our Yoga Relax - 100% Pure Nature Essential Oil in an aroma diffuser and let the fragrance enrich your life! Tap into the beneficial aromas of tangarine, chamomile, himalayan cedar, tolu balm and vanilla to balance your mind, body and soul. Use Yoga Relax essential oil in your yoga room to help you breathe deeply and relax. Or warm the oil throughout the day and evening to create harmony in your home and daily life.

Features and benefits:
  • Natural pure products: Yoga Relax is made with only from 100% naturally pure ingredients: tangarine, chamomile, himalayan cedar, toluba balm and vanilla.
  • Facilitates yoga practice:The subtle aromas balance your body, mind and spirit for a tranquil yoga experience.
  • Create calm and peace: Yoga Relax helps you create harmony in your home and daily life by diffusing its delightful scents.
  • Safe and easy to use:Use Yoga Relax essential oil in an aroma diffuser to enhance your experience as a yoga lover.
Our Yoga Relax - 100% Natural Pure Essential Oil is the perfect fragrance to balance your body, mind and spirit and create calm and peace in your life. Try it today and feel the refreshing and balanced energy that takes your yoga experience to the next level!