Universal Faucet Extender with 1080° Rotatable Sprayer & Bubbler Tap Adapter - 2 Modes

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Color: ABS Single mode

ABS Single mode
ABS Dual mode
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Universal Faucet Extender with a 1080° Rotatable Sprayer Head

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to upgrade the functionality of your sink and make everyday cleaning tasks easier on your back and shoulders, look no further than the Universal Faucet Extender. This revolutionary adapter connects to any standard faucet and instantly extends the reach of your sink’s sprayer, helping you reach difficult-to-access areas without stretching or straining.

The Universal Faucet Extender features a 1080° rotatable sprayer head for superior reach and coverage, and two modes of bubbler tap adapters. Crafted from durable plastic, it is a safe and dependable choice compatible with most standard faucets.

  • 1080° Rotatable Sprayer Head - extends your sink’s sprayer reach and coverage.
  • 2 Modes Bubbler Tap Adapter - offers a variety of options for water stream flow.
  • Durable Plastic - built to last and compatible with most standard faucets.

Don’t let hard-to-reach areas of your sink give you a backache. Get the Universal Faucet Extender and make cleaning and other daily tasks easier and more efficient!

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ABS Single mode, ABS Dual mode