Rozemarijn - 10 Ml - 100% Natuurzuivere Etherische Olie

100% Natuurzuivere Etherische Olie Rozemarijn - 10 ML

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Rosemary 10ml - 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil>

This 100% naturally pure essential oil of Rosemary has a fresh, spicy fragrance that has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Whether you have health complaints like flu, colds or inflamed sinuses or want to relax with a massage, Rosemary oil offers relief!


  • Stimulates and strengthens your central nervous system
  • Health: Supports flu, colds and inflamed sinuses
  • Massage: Sore and tired muscles, legs with oedema and cold feet
  • Power and brightness enhancer


  • Ingredients: Rosemary
  • Latin name: Rosmarines Officinalis
  • Country of origin: Morocco
  • Extraction: Water vapour distillation


  • Use in an aroma diffuser at home, in the office or in your bedroom
  • Vapour during the day or evening in the living room
  • Enjoy the fragrance frequency and energy.