Relax - Room Spray Deluxe - 100 Ml

Relax Room Spray Deluxe 100 Ml

SKU: 5333.Relax - GF - 100 ml

Relax - Room Spray Deck Deluxe - 100 mlwith 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil

Enjoy the soothing and delightful fragrance with the Relax - Room Spray Deluxe. Made with 100% natural essential oils, this room spray creates a fresh and sweet scent in your room, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.


  • Fresh sweet fragrance that brings a deep relaxation
  • Helps process feelings of tension
  • Helps to reduce restlessness
  • made with 100% natural essential oils

The Relax - Room Spray Deluxe contains the ingredients alcohol (96%), lavender, lavendin, vanilla, geranium, frangipani, bergamot Reggio and creates a delightful fragrance that invigorates and relaxes the room.

Enjoy deep relaxation with a deliciously sweet scent with Relax - Room Spray Deluxe - 100 ml and prepare your room or office for a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.