Power - Room Spray Deluxe - 100 ml

Give your space a touch of power and refreshing energy! Our powerful 100ml Power Room Spray Deluxe gives your space a luxurious aroma by using 100% naturally pure essential oils. Using powerful ingredients such as Arve pine, Mandarin, Sage, Rosemary, Marjoram and Clove, this spray creates an effect that enriches the life of your room or office.

Power Room Spray Deluxe refreshes and rejuvenates the atmosphere of your space with a powerful boost. The luxurious ingredients give your space a heavenly aroma that will beautify and energise you. It is perfect for giving your space a positive note, highlighting the important functions of your space and boosting your energy levels.


  • Cleanses the air and rejuvenates the atmosphere of your space.
  • Give your space a boost with 100% natural ingredients.
  • Scent your room with luxurious essential oils.
  • Increase your mood and boost your energy levels.
  • Enrich your room or office with positive vibes.

A room with Power Room Spray Deluxe exudes power! The benefits combine in a way that creates an air up that is perfect for maintaining your own personal power or showing it to the resistance. Make your space fresh, modern and blessed with this Power Room Spray Deluxe. Order for 100ml today and experience the difference.