NiiMbot D110 Wireless Label Maker - Portable Printer with Tape & Templates for Phone, Home & Office

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color: D110

D110 Transparent L
D110 Transparent XL
D110 Add 5 White L
D110 Add 5 White XL
D110 Add 3 White L
D110 Add 3 White XL
D110 5 Rolls 1422
D110 10 Rolls 1422
D110 2 Tran 2 White
D110 Add 3 White M
D110 3 Rolls Bag
D110 Add 5 Mix
D110 Add 1W1Tran
D110 Add 5 Cable
D110 Add 3 WH Cable
D110 A 2 Transparent
D110 And 4 Color
D110 Add 3 Mix

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NiiMbot D110 Portable Label Maker Wireless Label Printer

Organize your life with the NiiMbot D110 Portable Label Maker. This printer is the perfect solution for labeling items around your home, office, or shop. It comes with multiple templates available and is compatible with phones, allowing you to easily print your labels.


  • Compatible with Phone - Easily print your labels from your smartphone.
  • Multiple Templates Available - Find the perfect label for each item.
  • Tape Included - Don’t worry about having to buy tape separately.
  • Portable Design - Carry with you and print labels anywhere.
  • Advanced Wireless Technology - Connect to your phone without any cables.

The NiiMbot D110 Portable Label Maker is the perfect way to label items in your home, office, or business. With multiple templates and a portable design, you'll be able to print labels quickly and easily.

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D110, D110 Transparent L, D110 Transparent XL, D110 Add 5 White L, D110 Add 5 White XL, D110 Add 3 White L, D110 Add 3 White XL, D110 5 Rolls 1422, D110 10 Rolls 1422, D110 2 Tran 2 White, D110 Add 3 White M, D110 3 Rolls Bag, D110 Add 5 Mix, D110 Add 1W1Tran, D110 Add 5 Cable, D110 Add 3 WH Cable, D110 A 2 Transparent, D110 And 4 Color, D110 Add 3 Mix

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