INNOREL ME-1 Dual Ball Head Magic Arm w/Tripod Phone Clip, 1/4" Screw for LED Light LCD Monitor Microphone

€7,89 €7,58

Introducing INNOREL ME-1 Articulating Magic Arm With Dual Ball Head for Tripod Phone Clip 1/4" Screw for LED Lights LCD Monitors & Microphones!

Our INNOREL ME-1 Articulating Magic Arm with Dual Ball Head is the perfect solution for easily mounting your tripod, phone clip, LED light, LCD monitor and microphone while maintaining stability and balance. The convenient 1/4" screw can easily be tightened to any device securely and safely. Cut down on tedious installation time and free up energy to focus on what matters: your creativity.

Main Features & Benefits:

  • Easily tighten devices securely with 1/4" screw
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum material
  • Articulating arm that swivels and rotates
  • Dual ball head for shooting from any angle
  • Max load of 2kg for versatility
  • Save time, energy, and money

Why You Need in INNOREL ME-1

For just amazing 39g, the INNOREL ME-1 brings superior strength and amazing control to your lighting and photography needs. The convenience of its articulating arm, swiveling and rotating design, and dual ball head for shooting from any angle, is priceless. With the INNOREL ME-1, you can free up time, energy and money so you can focus on your creativity. Get yours now and add superior stability to your next project!