Cooling Summer Pet Mat: Dog Bed, Cat Blanket, Washable Car Seat Cover


Color: Blue

Light blue

Size: XS 40x30 cm

XS 40x30 cm
S 50x40 cm
M 62x50 cm
L 70x55 cm
XL 100x70 cm
XXL 150x100 cm
SKU: 14:173#Blue;5:100014066#XS 40x30 cm

Introducing Dog Mat Cooling Summer Pad Mat For Dogs Cat Blanket Sofa Breathable Pet Dog Bed Washable Dogs Car Seat Cover Summer Pad Mat

Are you worries about how hot it's getting for your pup as the summer fast approaches? If you have an active pup who loves spending time in the sun, our Dog Mat Cooling Summer Pad Mat For Dogs is the perfect summer accessory for them. Crafted from breathable materials, this pet bed offers a cool and pleasurable resting experience for doggies on warm days.

Features and Benefits:

  • Breathable Materials: Made from high-quality materials that guarantee comfort and breathability, this pet bed keeps your pup feeling relaxed and cool even during the summer.
  • Washable: This pet bed is easily washable so that you can keep it clean and fresh for your beloved pet.
  • Multi-Purpose: Not only is this pet bed perfect for the outdoors, but it can also be used as a car seat cover or a blanket for the sofa.

Cool off Your Dog This Summer with Our Dog Mat Cooling Summer Pad Mat For Dogs!

This Dog Mat Cooling Summer Pad Mat For Dogs is perfect for pups who are always on the go and enjoy spending time outdoors. Keep your pup cool and relaxed this summer with this pet bed, and rest easy knowing that your pup is perfectly cooled off. Enjoy this summer with your pup and keep them as comfortable and safe as possible with this cooling pet bed!
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Blue, Coffee, Pink, Gray, Light blue


XS 40x30 cm, S 50x40 cm, M 62x50 cm, L 70x55 cm, XL 100x70 cm, XXL 150x100 cm