Properties of Yoga Relax - 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil:

  • Fresh Fragrance:The delightful fragrance balances your body, mind and soul. Inspired by nature's best scents, the tangarine, chamomile blossom, himalayan cedar, tolu balsam and vanilla ensure that you enjoy the pleasant aroma.
  • Content: 10 ml
  • 100% Natural: Our products are made with only 100% Natural, quality essential oils of the highest quality.

Why buy Yoga Relax - 100% Natural Pure Essential Oil?

Want to be balanced and welcome life with open arms? Yoga Relax is our new line and is specially made to use during your yoga session. It is the perfect way to relax with the help of the pleasant aroma around you. Our products are 100% Natural, so guaranteed that only quality oils from nature are used.