Ugreen 4K 60Hz Micro HDMI Adapter for Raspberry Pi/GoPro


Color: 4K PVC Black---Micro

4K PVC Black---Micro
PVC Black---2 Pack
4K Metal Grey--Micro
Metal Grey---2 Pack

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Introducing UGREEN Micro HDMI Adapter 4K/60Hz

Experience crystal-clear visuals on your devices with the UGREEN Micro HDMI Adapter 4K/60Hz. Connect your Raspberry Pi 4, GoPro HDMI Micro, Sony A6000 Camera, and many more with this micro HDMI to HDMI converter cable. Now you can easily stream entertainment quickly and easily with uninterrupted signals and a high-speed transmission of up to 4K/60Hz.


  • Up to 4K/60Hz HD resolution.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, GoPro HDMI Micro, and Sony A6000 Camera.
  • 4K/60Hz output for clearer visuals and sound.
  • Extra durable nylon braided cable for a longer lifespan.
  • Gold-plated plug for improved signal quality.

Main Benefits:

The UGREEN Micro HDMI Adapter 4K/60Hz is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their streaming experience. With its strong and durable nylon braided cable and gold-plated plug, you can expect uninterrupted signals and seamless transmission. Enjoy up to a 4K/60Hz resolution on your favorite devices with the power of UGREEN Micro HDMI Adapter 4K/60Hz!

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4K PVC Black---Micro, PVC Black---2 Pack, 4K Metal Grey--Micro, Metal Grey---2 Pack

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