• Bright colors that captivate and entertain
  • Simple, “just match the pictures” game teaches matching, colors, numbers and shapes
  • Soft pages with building blocks and high-quality foam for more options
  • Storybook format introduces memorable characters and characters
  • Robust, interactive book encourages self-expression
  • Reliable double stitching ensures longevity


Your little one's journey to knowledge begins with teytoy’s My First Word Book. This colorful and interactive book is designed to grow with your baby as they discover the world. The My First Word Book's simple matching game of colors, numbers, and shapes offers plenty of educational funtime with its bright colors and engaging characters. Reliable double stitching ensures the book's longevity, allowing your baby to grow with it and explore the world. The soft foam of the pages and building blocks offer alternative learning activities, encouraging your baby's self-expression and discovery of the world around them. Start your baby off on the right foot with teytoy’s My First Word Book. This bright and delightful book is sure to make your baby’s early education journey . . . an exciting one!