Introducing Mini Tudou's Multifunctional Geometric Blocks!

Make learning fun and engaging with Mini Tudou's Multifunctional Geometric Blocks! The colorful, music-playing toys come with amazing features that both toddlers and parents will love. With special toys like clock gears, each box provides a full educational experience with shapes and music. The included materials are all CE certified and fire-safe. Plus, each product is made with great quality and care, so you can trust that they will stand up to the wear and tear of little ones.


  • Eye-catching, colorful design
  • Music playing, clock gear, and shape sorting toys
  • CE-certified and fire safe materials
  • High-quality materials that provide long-term durability
  • Age-appropriate for toddlers

Give your toddlers and children an educational boost with these wonderful blocks! Each box contains a variety of toys, which will engage their brains and help develop important skills like shape recognition and motor skills. With Mini Tudou's Multifunctional Geometric Blocks, learning is not only fun, but also interesting and engaging.