"Light Up Your Baby's Nursery with 29 Pcs PVC Baby Wall Stickers"

29 Pcs PVC Baby Wall Stickers - Creative Colored Dots for Nursery Room Decor

29 Pcs PVC Baby Wall Stickers: Brighten Up Nursery Room Decor

Welcome to the world of baby wall stickers! Bring a spark of colour and joy to your baby’s nursery with the 29 Pcs PVC Baby Wall Stickers. With this product, you can create a fun, colourful, and inviting atmosphere to your baby’s space. 🤩

Dot Design

These wall stickers come in a set of 29 colorful dots, designed in a variety of sizes. They are made of soft PVC and non-toxic plastic, perfect for little hands and walls. 🧸


  • Easy to apply and remove, without damaging the wall
  • Sunlight and moisture-resistant, keeps colours bright and vibrant
  • Perfect for decorating nurseries, playrooms, bedrooms, and more!
  • Includes adhesive backing for easy installation


  • Boosts creativity and encourages imaginative play
  • Offers plenty of options to customize nursery room decor
  • Gives a unique personal touch to your baby’s room
  • Makes it easy to create a vibrant and cheerful ambience for your child
Adding a pop of colour to your baby’s room has never been easier. With the 29 Pcs PVC Baby Wall Stickers, you can create a fun and creative atmosphere in your baby's nursery. These wall stickers are easy to apply and remove, and they are made with safe and environmentally friendly materials. Plus, they are designed to resist both moisture and sunlight, so your baby’s room will look bright and beautiful! 💙

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